take full advantage as a LoLa Creations VIP member.

what do you get becoming a VIP?

- minimum of 3 days 40% discount on new releases.
- monthly free giftcard worth 100L$ ( you need to pick it up inworld)
- VIP only group gifts and dollarbees

how do i become a VIP?

Join the VIP group inworld :
(please copy and paste the group link into your local chat in your viewer and hit enter for the link to join the group)
You have to pay a one time fee of 500L$ to enter the group.  If you leave the group and rejoin later you will have to pay the 500L$ again.

how do i get the VIP 40% discount?

Every vendor that has a "NEW" tag over it will give you the discount. To get the discount, wear your VIP group tag (not wearing the VIP tag means no discount) and then pay the lowest amount to the vendor.
After your purchase the system will check if you are in the group and if you are wearing the VIP group tag.

VIP discount will not work using giftcards.