Customers reward

LoLa rewards its customers for inworld purchases. wearing your LoLa tag when shopping inworld will instantly gives you discounts. The more you spended at LoLa the higher your lifetime customer reward will be.

all your purchases made inworld after MARCH 2012 will be registered for the customers rewards system.
you will be rewarded on each sale even if you're a new customer. just wear the LoLa Creations tag when making a purchase and the reward will instantly be sended to you.

wear LoLa tag when making purchases.

customer reward table :

                                                  SPENDED L$                          INSTANT REWARD

 L$0                               1%
 L$500                               2%
 L$1250                               4%
 L$2500                                7%
 L$5000                               10%
 L$7500                               13%
 L$10000                                17%
 L$15000                                 25%
 L$25000                                 30%
 L$40000                                 35%
 L$50000                                 40%

customers reward will not be granted for giftcards and VIP discount.
purchases made with VIP discount DO wil register to climb the table for other purchases but will NOT gain extra customer reward discount over your 40% VIP discount.