you can become a trustfull affiliate of lola creations and earn some lindens for your second life.

when becoming a LoLa Affiliate you get 50% on each sale

included in the pack is :

- over 250 items included
- all vendors have gift option
- all purchases can be redelivered
- all vendors are storecard enabled
- freebie and dollarbees included for your customers
- all items comes in single prim vendors with a 50% commision.
- all in one vendor included for small set up
- bikinis and cheerleader dresses in grouped vendor included
- no big set up fee
- no extra costs
- lifetime updates on each new product
- suport group

get the pack here LoLa Affiliate or grab it inworld in the mainstor.


- send a notecard to lost unplugged inworld, including your transaction info for the affiliate, to recieve the grouptag for future updates on your programme.
- go to a land where you have building rights and rez the box recieved with your purchase.
- copy the contents from the box into your inventory.
- when done look in the folder for all .:LoLa:. Creations affiliate update pack, and do same with this ones ( this updates includes new items)
- decide if you would like the all in one vendor or the single item vendors and set up your shop like you want to.
- if u use the single items vendors then it might be helpfull to check my marketplace listenings to see the items so you dont need to rez every vendor to make your choice. LINK =
- simply rez a vendor and say yes to the take linden dollars pop up, your vendor will get online and ready to go.
- you will notice that only 95% of our designs are included, this is because of conditions set by designers from sculp or mesh parts and i can not include in the affiliate.

- how do the split profits work?
after a purchase from your customer you will recieve the full amount, the system will then send 2% from the sale to casper warden who is the creator of the system. also the system will refund the customer with the customers reward bonus, remainings will be splitted between you and lost unplugged.

ex. customer buys a outfit for 200L - 4L will be rewarded to casper warden - customer have spended 1500L$ at lola creations and will be rewarded with a 8L$  customer reward discount - remaining 188L$ will be split between you and lost unplugged. you earned 94L$ on the purchase.


all vendors will hand out a customers reward discount (for details see customers reward page)

all vendors are giftcard enabled. purchases made with giftcards will NOT give 50% to you, money spend extra above the giftcard DO will split 50%.

all vendors are redelivery enabled. there are 3 ways for your customers to get a redelivery.
1. let your customer left click the vendor and they will get a pop up menu including a redelivery tab.
2. place the redelivery terminal included in this pack in your store/mall and let your customer click it to get the redelivery page up.
2. send them over to our mainstore to get a redelivery from our main redelivery terminal.

can take some minutes before a purchase is available for redelivery ( SL lag - server lag)

- when you run into problems feel free to open the affiliate group chat or contact lost unplugged ( NC when offline please)
- when opening a shop in a mall please make sure there is no other LoLa affiliate present at the time. If you're in a mall and someone else opens one after you try to contact them and solve it or contact lost unplugged inworld.