How to become a blogger for LoLa Creations.

If you like to blog and become a blogger for LoLa Creations then this is the only way to do it.
Because of problems in the past we are forced to do it this way and only allow people who actualy want to blog our items and not just be a part of it or get outfits free.
We dont mind handing over free outfits to bloggers if something comes in return.
just follow the simple rules below and start blogging for LoLa Creations.

1. To attrack only real bloggers we have a acces fee of 500L$ set to join the group.

2. When you joined the LoLa bloggers group you will recieve every outfit from LoLa Creations. If we release more colours of the same outfit you will recieve one random colour.

3. After you joined the bloggers group please send a notecard with your blogs link to lost unplugged so we can add your link to our bloggers list on our blog.
If we dont recieve your link you will be deleted out of the bloggers group without refund.( we go over the list weekly)

3.1 We add your link to our blog so we would like to ask to do the same and link ours to your blog, if you would like to recieve our logo just IM lost unplugged our send a notecard and we will be happy to send you one.

4. We ask that you blog minimum 1 out of 2 outfits sended out. Not following this rules will result in a delete out of the group without refund. ( We allow some days so you have time to blog it )

5. To make it easy and clear for all please send a notecard with the link of the blogged item to lost unplugged after you blogged it.

Join the LoLa Bloggers by copy this link to your browser secondlife:///app/group/53a26b6c-f6bb-ece6-debe-4f958daaae1e/about or simply click HERE

for more info feel free to contact lost unplugged